USA Halloween Spirit – $7 Billion for Spooktacular Fun

by Susanna Hamilton, Contributing Editor on October 7, 2013

The beauty of the United States of America lies in its indomitable spirit.. that tenacity to forge on no matter what the situation.. our never-say-die spirit.

While everyone concluded that the latest legislative-executive fiasco.. which led to the shutdown of government would spell doom for the American economy.. the latest feelers from retailers and shoppers indicate a very high patronage for Halloween costumes and all the associated Halloween paraphernalia that goes along with this fun holiday.

Who could have believed that in a single year people in the US would spend as much as a whopping $7 billion on Halloween costumes, Halloween candy, Halloween decorations and parties and all else that goes along with celebrating this holiday? Halloween is no longer a holiday just for children.. but for adults and pets as well?

Certainly this age-old tradition which was initially associated with harsh winters, ghosts, crop failures, and other such dreadful myths (or realities) has become a multi-billion dollar industry.. and at the rate it is going, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of the trend slowing down. We might expect to see figures even higher than this in the future.

Some argue that this is ‘chicken feed’ compared to the $447 billion estimated to be spent on Christmas this year. The American society is founded on God.. with the majority of the founding fathers being Christians, and as such, having a good time celebrating Christmas doesn’t seem so much an extravagance.. but a religious commitment.

Explaining how Americans justify spending so much money on the craziness of Halloween is a mystery to me to be completely honest.

Statistics from the National Retail Federation (NRF) are indeed mind boggling.. even the pets are not left out.  Even though our country is just coming out of a recession.. people are nevertheless spending about $330 million on pet costume for Halloween. This is truly the hallmark of the American never-say-die attitude.. it is simply amazing!

Add the candy and decorations to this budget, and then you’ll understand how the NRF arrived at the roughly $7 billion figure theyHappy Halloween estimate to be spent on Halloween. This is good news, of course, for those retailers selling various Halloween supplies.. decorations, costumes, and other such trappings that make the Halloween celebration the second most popular in the US.. surpassed only by Christmas.

Hundreds of companies and stores are already in a frenzy stocking their warehouses and shops in anticipation of the Halloween shoppers. The Internet, TV, tabloids, and radio are all abuzz with ads encouraging shoppers to venture out and spend money in preparation for Halloween.

America is such a beautiful country, and with the consumer-mentality increasing by the day, not even a recession can stop spending.. it is indeed second nature for the average American. This is evident in the fact that adults are even crazier about Halloween than kids these days.

A flashback into history shows lollypop-trotting kids with pumpkin and zombie costumes knocking on doors for more candies and coins with joy and fulfillment radiating in their eyes. Fast forward to 2013; there are as many Halloween costumes for adults and pets as there are for kids.

With a US population of about 316 million, cutting across all ages and religions, confirming to the NRF their willingness to participate in these Halloween celebrations.. and with new costumes inspired by TV, celebrities and movies like Miley Cyrus and Monsters University, Halloween seems to be more and more turning to an adult celebration as the years roll by.

It appears parents too want to be part of the fun and share in the $7 billion jamboree called Halloween.


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