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Gas Credit Cards

With gas currently being ridiculously overpriced.. gas credit cards are among the favorite of the reward credit cards.

If you frequently charge gasoline purchases to a credit card, you should have one of the popular gas credit cards which gives you cash back on your gas purchases. Take advantage of the opportunity to save money and get cash back whenever and wherever you fill your gas tank.

Gas credit cards are particularly useful for those who need to keep a record of their gasoline expenses. At the same time, while tracking your gas expenses, you will be able to save money and enjoy the generous cash back options with one of the following gas credit cards.

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Gas Credit Cards
Earn Cash Back Rebates and More on Your Gas Purchases


Choosing the Right Gas Credit Card

One of the biggest expenses involved in traveling these day is the high price of gasoline. With gas prices fluctuating almost daily.. and with different areas throughout the country charging different prices for gas, it can make budgeting for your summer vacation a bit difficult. However, having a gas credit card will not only save you money, but will allow you to enjoy traveling by car or RV and make your trip much less stressful.

There are two types of credit cards which are referred to as gas credit cards. Those issued by the individual petroleum companies such as Chevron, Texaco, Shell, Exxon, etc. and those Visa and Mastercard credit cards issued by the major banks which offer cash back or rebate rewards on gasoline purchases.

A gas credit card issued by the gas and oil companies only allow you to purchase gasoline at particular gas stations, such as Chevron if you are carrying a Chevron credit card. These credit cards offer only occasional rebates.. in many cases as low as 1% to 2%. And most times.. if you read the fine print.. you will note that you won't automatically get your rebate, but must request your rebates by certain dates in order to be eligible for them at all.

On the other hand.. the credit cards offered by the major issuers will often give you rebates on every dollar spent, not only for gas, but for all other purchases made with the credit card as well.

Reward credit cards which give you rebates on gas save you more money at the gas pump. However, not only do you often get gas rebates as high as 3% to 5% with no rebate cap or limit, but many of these credit cards also offer you rebates and/or points on other travel expenses as well such as air fare, hotel rooms, dining out, and more.

In choosing a gas card, a lot will depend on how much you spend annually on gasoline. If you do a lot of driving and your gas expenses are quite high, then even if you may have to pay an annual fee for a rewards credit card.. getting a higher percentage off at the pump when you fill up may still work out to your advantage.

Keep in mind as well what other rebates the card may offer and whether these rebates may be worthwhile to you and your family. It really is a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each individual credit card and choosing the one that is right for you and that will serve your needs the best.

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