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Hotel Credit Cards

If you travel frequently and find yourself in a hotel several times throughout the year, you should consider getting a credit card that gives you rewards for hotel stays. Save money and get a deal on a hotel credit card with the offers we provide.

Hotel Credit Cards
Credit Cards Offering Savings on Hotel Stays

What to Consider In Applying for Hotel Credit Cards

Hotel credit cards have become increasingly more popular and for some very good reasons.

First.. and most importantly.. is the fact that most people take some sort of vacation during the year. And, while not everyone may need flyer miles to fly to their vacation destination, and may not have the need for a rental car, a large percentage of vacationers spend at least one or two nights at a hotel while en-route to their destination, even as they may not be planning to spend their entire vacation at a hotel.

Secondly.. earning free hotel stays with your hotel credit card may be much easier than earning other miscellaneous travel rewards with another travel reward credit card.

Obtaining free airline seats for your entire family, for instance, could be quite challenging, even if you do have enough miles to cover all of the tickets. This is because airlines normally only set aside a certain number of seats for those who will be flying utilizing their reward points.

Most hotels, however, do not limit the number of rooms available to those who are paying for their stay with points. This means you are much more likely to have your entire family accommodated for free when staying with a hotel group offering hotel reward cards and hotel reward points.

This, as well as the fact that if things are going badly an airline can choose to cancel a flight.. but that is simply not an option for a hotel.

Not All Hotel Credit Cards Are Alike:
Keep in mind that not all hotel credit cards are alike. When looking for the best hotel credit cards here are some things you may want to look for:

  • Hotel credit cards where you earn more than one point for every dollar you spend on their hotel rooms.
  • Cards offering no limit on the number of points you can accumulate so that you can stay for several days or even a week with the points you have earned.
  • No restrictions, or at least limited restrictions, on the months or days you may redeem your points for free hotel stays.
  • Hotel chains offering such freebies as kids stay free, free continental breakfast, or others perks as well as points earned. This will provide you with additional savings along with the money you are saving on the room.
There are a number of hotel chains which offer reward credit cards including the Hilton group of hotels, as well as the Starwood Hotels portfolio of nine distinct brands. Remember to take into account that many hotel credit cards charge annual fees whether or not you use the card.. so be sure to select a card for a hotel chain that you enjoy staying with and not simply one which seems to be offering a good deal.

Many credit card companies offer travel reward credit cards as well which help you save money not only on hotel rooms, but shopping, dining, air fare and much more. Don't feel limited to simply a hotel credit card, weigh your own individual travel needs and choose wisely.

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